Supernaturalz Crew Hamilton/London Workshop & Jam Tour

Presented in partnership with Body Rockin & Ill at Will Crew




ONTARIO TOUR SEPTEMBER 25,26 (Hamilton/London)


WORKSHOP: 3 HR Dynamic SNC Foundations Master Lab

PARTY, SHOWCASES & BATTLE: Supernaturalz Showcase, Party Rocking Prizes

MUSIC BY: DJ Serious

SNC BBOYS: Leg-o, Stripes, J-Rebel, Jester, Bridge, Puzzles, Dyzee, Onton, Drops, Antics, Sonz & Knox

COST: $20 workshop, $10 Jam


7 Generations of Supernaturalz movement knowledge broken down through our unique party and workshop experience. SNC shares our approach to creating dynamic foundation and original complex motion and invites the community to apply that knowledge socially at a live party and showcase.


After years of the crew being separated across the globe supporting the culture in many countries – SNC is finally able to get our crew back together again in our home province to share, perform and collaborate with local artists and the next generation of dancers in Ontario.


After a fun day of master workshops – we relax and invite friends, family and party movers to get down together at a local venue for performances,and music by DJ Serious + cyphers, battles & a showcase by Supernaturalz Crew.




Supernaturalz Crew are known for their original approach to movement, multiple world championship Bboy battle titles and their deep contribution to the dance community across the globe. Supernaturalz create original movement to empower, educate & engage as one Bboy family – passing on our knowledge to new generations of artists and innovators.

(SUPER-NATURALZ) SUPER: Next level movement, NATURAL: True to you, Z: (plural) Family Generations. Our dancers are focused on representing our collective on the world stage and in diverse creative practices at home in Toronto – with world wide members in Seoul, Sacramento & Hong Kong.

From community cultural activities and mentorship – to feature films, full-length theatrical presentations and battles/competitions across the globe, Supernaturalz have done it all. As a crew, SNC members have invested in the Toronto community for over 2 decades in movement & event creation. Not only are its members considered amongst the top bboy battlers in the world – several SNC members are considered leading urban dance producers in the global community and at home in Toronto.

Working with artists like Black Thought, J Period & Scratch from The Roots, Afrika Bambaataa & the Zulu Nation, Rah Digga, Jadakiss, Rich Kidd & Son Real, THUGLI, K-OS, El-P & Cage, Manifest and many other recording artists has given our crew a rich interdisciplinary collaboration experience. In addition, we have multiple talented graffiti artists and designers within the crew. Through the efforts and dedication of 8 generations of artists, Supernaturalz have changed the face of Bboy movement on the planet. By continuing to support positive change while push Bboy dance creative practices to new places, Supernaturalz strives to enrich our community and pass on our heritage through new active dynamic creations, generations of innovative artists, battlers, educators and students.