My favourite thing about summer? Sneaking into events and complimentary drinks.
summersummer summmmmertime

Heard the Dj Stylus Awards was going down at the Danforth Music hall and some of the SUPERNATURALZ (@Supernaturalz92) were doing a tribute to the late great MCA of the Beastie Boys.

The Beastie Boys to me were the original renegades. I destroyed a lot of walls listening to them and got a lot of work done trying to grow up to be to them. Glad I got in to check this out.

Got the intro track from The Cool Boyz (@AGameMusic) who were performing at the Stylus Awards (see video) – so thanks for that!

Good chillin’ with Jon Drops (@Jon_Drops) + YZ (@YZtheWIZ)
+ KAZE (@SimplySwagg) + Antics + Onton (@OntonSNC)

Got loaded, got some good footage – enjoy the show! #NTFW


Fun fact – I didn’t even get back stage!

This is my eyes melting when Airplane Boys came on, soooooooooo nasty – I even live tweeted them & got a RT. HOW YA’ DO.

I heard the Cool Boyz track on hypem and grabbed it right up and knew absolutely nothing about them. Now I know they’re Canadian, they’ve seen their song on my phone and now they’re on my post.

I only took one girl pic the entire night and that’s because you might remember her from the #NML post (Supernatz X MuchMusic) earlier this month… and I have a super crush on Kreesha Turner (@KreeshaTurner).

Some of the SUUUUUPERNATURALZ : Jon Drops (@Jon_Drops) + KAZE (@SimplySwagg) + Antics + Onton (@OntonSNC)

Got a pic with Gangis Khan AKA Camoflauge when he was with Raekwon, lost it. Got a pic with Camoflauge at Stylus Awards, camera guy shoots the ceiling. See you in 2013.

Ok I lied, I also got a crush on Sarah Peace (@SarahJPeace).