SNC23HK Edition

Dance Party & Adventures.

Puzzles said, YO DROPS, we going to chill in Hong Kong – they know how to party. I said – Let’s do this! Dyzee said, Yo Janice, can we go to Hong Kong? #wifeyisboss #bossloveshongkong So here we are, live in HK having fun, connecting in the mix. We threw a special edition SNC23 Dance party for the community & freestyled our way through HK.

The party went down Feb 7th and here’s the photo recap + chill hk style.

Live place, live people & some rawly beautiful density that has its own life.


Also, for those in the HK area..

SUPER-FOUNDATIONS Workshop with Puzzles & Drops is going down February 22nd at Rhythm Attacks Studio. Come kick it!


ALLTHEWAYTOHK Flicks & kicks.

IMG_0475Guide us chill master P!

IMG_0469 Take the tram.

IMG_1231After long flights… food! Bboy Zaki on the left runs a fresh brand called  Clean and Flow from Japan. Super Chill!

IMG_1263Welcome to the party..

IMG_1260People came from all over the world to kick it.

IMG_1261Salute the DJ! The one and only DJ SPRAY from Korea is crazy bro!… rocked the house to the next level.

IMG_1262Ladies having fun, fellas getting loose.

IMG_1268Convo’s and combos.

IMG_1270Tie dye doesn’t lie – we fly.

IMG_1272Jet lag + hosting + beers = LIVE! Can’t stop won’t stop diddy dance.

IMG_0517Ukraine on the ones and twos repping IRON CITY.IMG_0519It got dark & disasterous at our venue XXX gallery.IMG_1269Our hostess with the mostess Jennifer Nyugen, Puzzles & that deep V bro.


IMG_1285Antonio from Italy & Mike shout-outs.


IMG_1296Ukraine, Italy, Korea, Canada and Japan including a bboy named America who was from JPN… Killing it!

IMG_1274WE DID IT! Post-jam. DJ SPRAY all day, Mr Magik Mike the mic, Puzzles the chill master, Dyzee deep in thought, + me….jet lag doesn’t have an overhead air mask.

IMG_0527Back on the streets of HK to take in the city. Getting my lean on – shot by the homie Sway from Korea – check his brand Oriental Swagger.

IMG_1244Puzzles rocking the OUR FATES tee

IMG_0511The gang with Go from Japan, Likquid from Korea + Zaki again just freestyling.

IMG_1306Rhythm Attack Crew just blew my brain up! Hong Boy & Fishball are the ch-illest!

IMG_0501 This was many floors up at a building that serves outreach through skateboarding, dance studios, social work, health services and much more.. inspirational place – endless respect to the School of Hip Hop HK.

IMG_1228   Sunglassnessless..IMG_0571   IMG_0564

IMG_0557 IMG_0550

Sunglassful.IMG_0548 IMG_0547 IMG_0545 IMG_0540 IMG_0526 IMG_0489 IMG_0497 IMG_0500

IMG_1309A challenge was issued.

IMG_1310A Scotsman answered. IMG_1311Ten shots & 12.06 seconds later..

IMG_1314Drops 6/10.

IMG_1315Still faster then those guys below and the guy stepping up to the window next.. shout out to that dude who did it in 6. point something seconds – you prolly got it all over your shirt.


IMG_0476Mark McNasty beat you to it mike. Sorry…

IMG_0590Back at narnia..

IMG_0525From the ground…


IMG_04677/365. Keep it moving.


More updates to come..