The MOVEMAKERS love to move you.
The first L2MU went down at the Great Hall and I hope you psychos had a good time. Booze was flowing wild, floor was a war-zone and everyone was moving. In case you were sleeping that night, I managed to snap some flix but they only tell the story about 30 minutes into the event.

The booze was flowing wild I said.

✖✖ Respect to everyone who came to party, I always got a beer waiting for you.

Shout of course to the Judges:
Lenny Len (Flavorshop/Alpine Music) ++ Fly Lady Di (DLC)
Tony Steez (BTX) ++ Addy Chan ++ Lady Noyz (Drunken Monkz)
Janet Castillo (Catalyst) ++ Benzo (BTX)

Feel free to give us a shout on Instagram (@UNMOVABLES).

The legend, #JEDI

My personal fave, BREAKER DAVE (@davidforteau).



AHHHH.THE ITZSOWEEZEE CREW! (http://itzsoweezee.com)
Check them out definitely, they throw a mean party over at the drake.

…never feeling safe around this dude.