Battle, Showcase & Party with top Canadian Dancers, DJ’s & International Guest JudgesTop 15 dancers in 4 styles will be selected to represent CanadaPOPPING. LOCKING. HIPHOP. BBOY/BGIRL Judges: Popping: MR. WIGGLES | BOOGALOO KIN | SUGA POP Bboy/Bgirl: CRUMBS | YNOT | GIZMO Locking: SUGA POP | TASH | TBA HipHop: SPARK | LINK | TBA KOD Canada is starting off the New Year with one of the largest dance events to hit the nation! KOD is looking for Canada’s best Dancers in Hip Hop, Popping, Locking & Bboying/Bgirling and throwing a big party to celebrate dance culture January 16th, 2016 at Daniels Spectrum. International & Canadian judges will select the top 15 dancers…


DRAGON STYLE T.O. 1 verse 1 Bboy Battle & Beijing Invitational People came to battle, watch, move their body & celebrate the international connections we build together through Bboy/Bgirl Culture. Winner received an all expense trip to Beijing for Dragon Style Crew Anniversary + an invitation to represent Toronto/Canada within the international 2vs2 championship along side Puzzles. [CONGRATULATIONS TO BBOY ONTON] Judges Puzzles, Frost, Loebz. Host Jon Drops DJ Serious Check us on @unmovables & @supernaturalz92 to get the latest updates on events & coverage.


Moved & Made. Real Live + Raw Video for you Courtesy of the movers: @ynotism @simplyswagg @unmovables #purepercent @manifesto_to Soundtrack by Fresh Kils & Uncle Fester – “Adeltron” For the LIVE PARTY MOVERS! Beers thanks to @SteamWhistle SKAM dropped a bomb and of course was extra crispy. I was still working on my fill. If you missed vlm 5


GET UP – VOLUME 3[Thursday August 15th] Volume 3, GET UP Thursday, you know the deal – more blurry pictures. Great time as per usual, good energy, good crews, good booze. Brutal hangover. This comming Thursday is the LAST GetUp Show up for some booze, get in a picture and see some skill. Find me and we’ll watch some kung-fu flix – NTFW && if you don’t know still, this will be the last Thursday as well to SMA$H & GRAB LIMITED TIME / LIMITED STOCKCrush some beers and save on select Move Maker gear this month. EVERY THURSDAY –…


GET UP – VOLUME 2[Thursday August 8th] Volume 2 happened this past Thursday, just in time for the hangover to end. More energy, more crews, more gear and a lot more booze to give out. Hope everyone had a great time. The battles and performances were unreal, artists and designers everywhere and good people to booze with is what it’s all about. Stay alive for two more days and it’ll be Thursday again – see it to believe it. I’ll grab you a beer and we can watch karate flix, still. && in case you don’t know LIMITED TIME /…


GET UP – VOLUME 1[Thursday August 1st] Hope you guys like blurry pictures, because this is the way I was seeing things. Booze was flowing wild and crews came to show us how much they can drink. Thanks to everyone who came out to crush, hope you had a good time. If you missed Thursday, good news, it’s Thursday again – come see it for yourself. I’ll grab you a beer and we can watch karate flix. & in case you don’t know LIMITED TIME / LIMITED STOCKCrush some beers and save on select Move Maker gear this month.– SMA$H…


YNOT X MOVE MAKERS X MANIFESTO First event we’ve rocked this summer. Respect to everyone who came out: the boozers, the vandals and the dancers battling it out for that win. Battles will posted soon as I shake this hangover. Hope you had a good time, I always got a beer for you. ✖✖ Big shouts to a lot of homies: Ez-E vs. JuLo vs. Miguel vs. Afternoon – TOPROCK BATTLE TOP FOUR SIMPLY SWAGG – hosting the prelims and classes LENNY LEN & CLASSIC ROOTS – the DJ’s in charge MANIFESTO – trusting us in their home SONZ &…


THANKS FOR COMING OUT – COVERAGE RIGHT HERE >>> Rocking walls, floors and speakers. Get it write. YNOT X TORONTO @unmovables X @ynotism X @manifesto_to X @simplyswagg RSVP.RSVP.RSVP.RSVP.RSVP.RSVP.RSVP.RSVP.RSVP.RSVP.RSVP – SPACE ABSOLUTELY LIMITED – rsvp@themanifesto.ca PWYC$10. RSVPS GET PRIORITY. NO COMP GUESTLIST. Drinks at the bar.  All ages welcome.  Under 19  – no drinks for you! TOP ROCK CITY: TORONTO 2012 – coverage right over here. TRC:TORONTO 2012 – FINALS [KAZE VS. KUE ROCK] AHRfilms Presents: Mr. Wiggles & YNot (Top Rock City) in Toronto SHOUT OUT TO MR WIGGLES [@MRWIGGLESEB] GANG RECOGNIZE GANG.


LIMITED TIME / LIMITED STOCK Crush some beers and save on select Move Maker gear. – SMA$H & GRAB SALE –Limited time Hand to Hand gear if you know where to find us.


WHAT MOVES YOU? That’s all we want to know and there have been some killer pics. In case you aren’t aware we got the next ♥2MU event on June 2nd. All you gotta’ do it mention us (@UNMOVABLES) and show us what moves you. Sound simple right? NO MAN, we only pick the best – and the best gets tickets to events all over Toronto, music from artists that move and of course the impossible-to-find #MM gear. Pack a snack, get out there and shoot something that moves you! (with a camera) Most recently – @frostflow wins #love2moveU the day’s…