DROPS & MARS HBD PARTY – JULY 20TH DJ M4RS & EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL GUEST DJS HOSTED AT NASA TORONTO 15 ACE LANE, TOR ON. BYOB + FREE PHOTOSHOOT W @NINJAHMAL & FRIENDS WALL PAINTING & DANCE PARTY – INVITING ALIEN FRIENDS AND FAMILY TOGETHER TO CELEBRATE TWO COINCIDING ORBITS AROUND A STAR, ON A ROCK, IN OUTER SPACE. come celebrate with us aliens! An Alien short story for no f*ckn reason: all facts may not be true. —- The alley north east of Queen & Bathurst, seven in the morning. A succession of furious requests for cigarettes & and unidentifiable words…


-these video references give aliens a starting point of how to understand humanoids. SAVE OUTER SPACE A PARTY FOR ALIENS, BY NASA TORONTO. DJS * PHOTOGRAPHY * ART DESTRUCTION * MOVE YOUR BUTT * BYOB * GOOD SPACE VIBES DJ M4RS @DJM4RSBTX & WAVGODS @WAVGODS PHOTO’S BY @NINJAHMAL HOSTED BY @JON_DROPS & NASA ALUMNI MAY 20TH, 11PM+ 15 Ace Lane –space  map $30 for a NASA TEE – pre order here HERE’S THE F*KIN SCOOP, LISTEN UP: It has been a long time coming… the space apocalypse that is. Not in a biblical sense, but in a flux capacitor kinda way….


Birthdays without assholes are so rare they are worth more than ancient aliens theories wrapped in platinum. The mythical and elusive quality of genuine people gathering makes these congregations one of the most valuable non-commodities this life has to offer. NASA celebrated the birthdays of Marius M4RS & Jon DROPS (me) in outerspace with likeminded aliens – the repercussions of friendship and good people were felt heavily the next morning. NASA is a place that alienates as a mandate, and those who passed the threshold to withstand the g force – your energy transcends time & space – into oblivion….